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Manufacturing Engineer (internship)

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Position Objective:

Intern position responsible for assisting the Manufacturing Engineers to achieve the below objective: Continuously improving production systems to ensure that product conforms to specifications while operating in the most cost effective manner. Must hold paramount achieving customer excellence and employee safety. Provide manufacturing engineering roll in new product development, current products and assembly lines, as well as non- production functions.


  • 15%     Perform manufacturing engineering activities supporting new product development to ensure the product design conforms to the principles of DFA.  Develop assembly procedures and assembly process implementation from product development into manufacturing.  This includes designing, fabricating, qualifying assembly line equipment, fixtures, and tools as needed to build company product to design specifications.  Processes and production line must be laid out as needed to achieve efficiency targets.  Manufacturing Engineer needs to determine labor stand time needed to build company product during development phase.
  • 15%     Lead lean initiatives including demand-driven continuous flow, 5-S, and elimination of wastes through the use of lean principles.  Track progress by the use of setting goals and tracking progress to ensure goals are met.
  • 15%     Maintain and develop work instructions to insure process and equipment are maintained and in place to consistently produce products to specifications.  Work with shop floor employees to consistently fulfill assembly plan.
  • 10%     Research, develop, and implement cost reductions on products and operational processes.
  • 15%     Analyze material flow from suppliers through production and distribution.  Work with materials department and supplier to implement changes.
  • 15%     Implement process changes to improve one time through yield and reduce line scrap.  Identify root causes and implement corrective actions to reduce line failures.  Work with internal departments and external suppliers as needed to prevent recurrence.
  • 15%     Perform other duties and assume accountability as apparent or as delegated, including mutually agreed upon objectives.


  • In pursuit or has a Bachelor of Science in Industrial Engineering or Manufacturing Engineering Degree. Completed most or all upper division electives.


  • Past work in an assembly environments desirable.