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Quality Engineer (internship)

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Position Objective:

Support Quality Engineers in the implementation of Quality Assurance techniques during the development of product designs and process controls.


  • Participate in the development and implementation of new products and revisions to existing products to ensure that product designs meet user needs and are as cost effective as possible.
  • Document work instructions, define equipment needs and train hourly employees on these process steps.
  • Work with suppliers of assemblies and components to develop processes that provide assurance the products and/or components meet specifications.
  • Investigate the cause of non-conforming product and assure corrective actions are implemented that address the root cause.
  • Prepare test plans for the qualification of product revisions, supplier changes and new products.
  • Occasionally perform inspections and tests on sample components and assemblies, assist with capability studies, gauge R&R studies and process FMEA.
  • Create and maintain process control documentations for in-house assembly including appropriate measurement systems.  Audit processes and analyze data for problem solving and continuous improvement.  Utilize statistical techniques to evaluate material and process quality.
  • Assist in problem solving activities.
  • Some administrative duties will also be included.


  • Currently attending post secondary education to attain an Engineering degree